There is no profit scale liquor electricity supplier is a pit

in the liquor industry, electricity supplier channels has been a marginalized channels, even in the liquor industry adjustment period liquor electricity supplier has been widespread concern in the industry, is still regarded as a supplement to traditional channels. Some hope to rely on electricity supplier channels of a brand, and breaking the liquor business, is experienced by the expectation to the disappointment of the psychological gap, wine enterprises in cooperation with the electricity supplier is also lackluster, even then.


also can not bear the responsibility of liquor liquor sales, but it is undeniable that the Internet thinking opens another window for the traditional enterprise marketing thinking. At present, the use of electricity supplier to guide the innovation of traditional marketing ideas, it seems more realistic significance. For the traditional channels, the emergence of liquor electricity supplier is subversive, although this force is small, but full of vitality. Because of this, the industry will be optimistic about the prospects for the development of liquor electricity supplier. At the same time, the development pattern of the liquor electricity supplier is also worth people to wine.

liquor electricity supplier why not do it?

four main reasons:

first, the overall size of liquor electricity supplier is small, it is difficult to cause the attention of traditional enterprises. According to public reports show that in 2012 the overall market size of China’s liquor is about 500 billion yuan, of which about $400 billion liquor market. 2013 total market size of China’s liquor compared with the same period in 2012 or a slight increase. 2012 China’s online shopping online shopping B2C market size of 3 billion 700 million yuan, in 2013 the online shopping market size of about $9 billion. According to this inference, in the total amount of liquor transactions, in 2012 accounted for less than 1% of liquor electricity supplier sales, in 2013 accounted for less than 2% of liquor electricity supplier. The sales scale only a fraction of the equivalent of the traditional channels, wine enterprises is not attractive, leading wine enterprises invest too little in the electricity supplier channels.

two, the impact on the traditional channels will be difficult to get wine prices trust. Barbaric growth rules of the Internet industry will also have an impact on the traditional, wine electricity supplier is no exception. Most of the profits of the wine industry is still in the high-end wine sales, is a high value-added industries, while the survival of the liquor industry is the logic of the compressed channel profit, price advantage to seize the market. The development trend of liquor electricity supplier will impact the traditional channel terminal price system. In the case of the overall size of the liquor electricity supplier is too small, most of the wine prices will abandon the car security, all to ensure that the traditional channel profit based. Under the constraints of wine prices, wine electricity supplier is a lack of quality sources, the two is the price of the product is constrained by the cooperation of manufacturers.

three, wine product attributes and electricity supplier channels do not match. Alcohol consumption is mostly drink consumption, and delivery cycle is too long the liquor electricity supplier is difficult to meet the immediate needs of consumers; the characteristics of alcoholic products packaging fragile, liquid leakage and high weight to increase the difficulty of logistics and distribution, increase the cost of transportation; wine product differentiation was not obvious, it is difficult to directly reflect the price factors become an important factor affecting consumer choice, price competition intensifies the competition between liquor business, capital consumption.

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