Dry cargo sharing electricity supplier entrepreneurial ideas are useless 99%

business logic:

idea – plan – ground – Test – iteration – survive


chart analysis:

The first stage:

1, can be seen from the diagram from the beginning of idea, many people have the idea, drink, drink tea, chat, meeting, talk about a thought, 35 times a day, every minute is a million billion project, if the evaluation of you is a man of ideas, there may be negative;

2, the second stage: less than half of the people to implement the plan (equivalent to the product manager made demo);

3, the third phase: to the landing stage is estimated to be only a little more than;

4, the fourth stage: immediately after the test phase, this is the product or project can be a critical moment of success (or can be said to be the restaurant’s trial operation phase);

5, the fifth stage: product iteration phase, this phase of the product will be based on market feedback quickly adjust the strategy, in order to adapt to the market;

6, the sixth stage: the survival phase (the operational phase to achieve their own stage of support), to the sixth stage is estimated to be only 1% or less;

100:1! In fact, not necessarily able to;

a, what determines the ability to survive?

team gene

what is a team gene?

can simply define the team’s basic genes:

1, the founder of the character, Ma is a peacock type leadership, Liu Qiangdong is a tiger type;


peacock type: prefer to inspire the other team members work ability, willing to dominate the other team work;

tiger type: like their own hands-on, the team needs a strong control;

Ma Yun English teacher origin, the origin of the programmers also have evidence of;

2 values: a group of people with the same idea is one thing that is very not easy, a lot of people talk about corporate culture, which is the value level, one of the original power of work is the same values;

3, Robin Li, Ma Huateng, skills: Zhou Hongyi, Lei Jun, these people all have a technical background, and then turn to do product managers and managers, it background and skills are essential for success, it is still no problem, if there is no chance of success is very small, after all, not everyone can become a Ma Yun (YY, voice of Li Xueling is a journalist is an exception)

4, thought: idea is really not very important, the team running, missed a few times will slowly find the feeling, Lei Jun.

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