To have been in the confusion of the webmaster who a way out

this is my first time in the A5 bubble, many bosses don’t spray. I’m just saying what I went through. Said to myself, feeling since graduated from college is not a success, no matter what it is, just outside people always say just graduated from college, Yangaoshoudi, but after all these years of baptism, I felt a little sober.

why, this is how to start from high school: the network interested in it, or for the high school was particularly interested in computer, but someone asked what specific aspects of their computer, really do not know, so I read a newspaper, slowly let infected, so the "computer" to follow I nearly 4 years, the press attention after the discovery of computer hardware is very good, what the motherboard, graphics card, hard disk, power, memory, CPU, parameters display, price, etc. of the heart that is crystal clear, almost as brand motherboards have to know how much money has become a hardware fancier, so slowly spent a good high school, in the final analysis is particularly grateful to the "computer", because he opened my door.

This is

to the University, or have to buy a computer, but found that the computer reported in 2007 Revision, increased network edition (in fact, their high school was thinking, Daoteng hardware is not to make money, you can through the school through the computer can earn it) so attracted by the network. It is plainly, is a rat, but then entrepreneurship is very easy, but who told me so it primary. Did a lot of work. In this way, the high strength learning network knowledge this week, finally for the website has some knowledge of outline, outline, but don’t know how to build ah, no actual operation, how to do, someone, fortunately, even in a class we find a classmate he is also the site, local, and I admire the most is that only a sophomore, he can earn money a month is about 10 thousand, which aroused my initiative, feel the universe to explode. By the teacher (students) learning, in fact mainly because of their own learning, we can often use the computer, so I can buy a book, through in-depth study in January finally know how to build the process, the mind is also clear, and then my classmates that is pulling me too far, but not regret: because people began to develop the site from high school to university, people must make money, how to make money and then tell you, here to sell a child.

from the understanding of all aspects of the site, set up a website that is actually very simple, just a bump do a website, should remember when called Nobel download station, is his own code, not with a little cms. Khan, now looks silly ah, it is estimated that we understand here, the ultimate fate of the site. He died after my experience came out, that is: not your code website, that too tired, but no effect, just a few days. "

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