Foreign lead is the only way to break through

I’m flying, long time no see you, the twinkling of an eye to 2014, every member of the team and boats on behalf of the studio to say hello to everyone!

a lot of the promotion of foreign lead master often have a weakness, that is with advertisers survey. The number of operation each month 1000-2000 knife is OK, but some master of relatively large amount, the amount of promotion of a day more than this number, so easy to cause the advertiser’s investigation, many people are helpless.

the most common case is that some of the friends of the LP page is induced, and the advertiser’s policy does not allow this promotion, so that when the investigation is a headache. LP afraid to provide real advertisers deduction amount, more difficult to provide false deception, because the wide business is able to view the antecedents, so many friends have been stuck in here, this is a bottleneck, a lot of people in the industry. But don’t worry, not here there is a perfect solution, this said implementation steps, novice friends may seem more difficult, the veteran can look carefully and consider the implementation of this technology, only one or two days time for ordinary programmers can realize:

According to the

1 antecedents promotion link is open to judge normal visitors or advertisers, if it is determined to be the antecedents of blank advertisers, this is self-evident.

2 of the two non blank and blank antecedents for different redirection, jump to the normal blank antecedents LP page (this LP only to cope with the advertisers investigation, no other effect), non blank antecedents to jump to the real advertising promotion page, so you can easily circumvent censorship, but did not affect the promotion effect.

3 this method a few people are operating in the country, some people who do bidding emotion Baidu policy changed, check the strict, in fact, do not understand this method. A friend is using this method to do their own whitening products, links to jump to the page if the policy induced, this method may not have made the Baidu page review, but what are the redirection fix, the friend with this method every day can be 1-2 per single product.

of course, this method can also make guest Taobao and Tmall, the effect is very good, in this card master friends can come and exchange boats.

well, knowledge of today’s foreign Wangzhuan to share here, the foreign interest can go to my blog Wangzhuan boats learning, I will regularly update the article. Have intention or has started operation of a friend can add me consultation or discussion on foreign Wangzhuan, in addition to welcome the month over US $master to discuss cooperation, the real strength of boats you will know after I communicate, later I will continue to share more exciting foreign Wangzhuan experience for everyone.

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