Portal webmaster has been longing for that place

a webmaster has been longing for a place, where there is a group of expert.

a webmaster has been longing for the place, there is no stately sky advertising;

a webmaster has been longing for the place, where you can learn knowledge and leisure.

webmaster itself is very tired, their life is monotonous. They’ve been longing for a place where they can be useful and valuable. And then a group of like-minded friends to talk about the promotion of stationmaster station, operation, look SEO, and learn something useful or simply casual look, they do not seek to dress, but eager to find their own value and honor.

is a group of very good quality, although very low-key, but very active; they are sometimes very boring, but there is a direction.

station is a group of very ideal, they have their own taste, have a good mind, embodied the deepest personal independence of conduct on them.

this group has the quality of the ideal person, hope to find a place to let them gradually become stronger, and then to better manage their own life and career, through their website step by step to success.

a lot of sites are aware of these truths, but can really do a good job, really bring benefits to the owners of the number of real training out of the success of the webmaster and how much?

in today’s Internet there is too much garbage garbage station site, indeed very fierce hot money, but had too much infamy and criticism, these years although Internet business cost has dropped a lot, but the Internet business failure rate is high, if this count between the cost and the time the opportunity cost, the Internet business is still very high cost! So still have many webmaster continuously added to the waste station, and had to bear the moral condemnation in order to survive, although there are too many and have the heart of the struggle.

portal since 2008 the birth of the day to have the Internet solemnly declared: "as long as the traffic, we send 2G universal space free!", this call again wake up many of the webmaster entrepreneurial passion, dream to be ignited, a voice is more clear: I can call in do a good website have more contribution and value of their society and


stage has been set up, and so on you join and participate in, how to achieve their dreams, how to dream bigger and stronger, how to achieve their ideals and honor?

all the answers, already prepared for you: the portal is the webmaster has been longing for a place! Dream step by step we came to a solid……

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