Venture capitalists said China nternet to find investment opportunities

Beijing time on October 11th, business week reported that the Chinese market has been the focus of U.S. venture capitalists, especially in the early stages of the Internet investment opportunities in the field. Of course, investment in China is not a little risk, the investment opportunities in China’s Internet is not only difficult to find, but also because of the lack of experience in the management of local Chinese disappointed.

1 chance is there, but it is difficult to find. The first round of investment in Chinese created Chinese search giant Baidu, Sina portal leader, and instant messaging business Tencent QQ, only this. If you want to find a good opportunity for the Internet in China, in addition to patience and take the right route.

2 need a good CEO and a good team. China Investment Co’s biggest challenge is to find a management team. In the United States, the best managers a lot, because they have a very rich management experience. China’s Internet is still very young, so it is very difficult to find talent managers.

Ctrip (Ctrip) is the largest China;

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