MyLNGO the first film dubbing app a 19 year old Harvard dropout

a few months ago, I noticed a start-up company called myLINGO, the company is from a 19 year old Harvard University dropout is responsible for the operation, the student named Olenka Polak. She came up with an idea that was very impressive. When playing a foreign language movie theater, as long as the use of this App application, you can hear the voice of the mother tongue. Now, of course, most movies offer dubbing, but it is difficult for the film makers to present them to the audience in a concentrated way. Polak’s brother served as co-founder, the two had just got a seed round of financing, they told the author, and soon myLINGO will work with more film studio.

has been in the past three months since that meeting. Recently, the company announced a partnership with Pantelion Films company, which will soon launch a new movie "Cesar Chavez." the movie soundtrack is the English pronunciation, myLINGO for the film with a synchronized soundtrack in spanish.

it wasn’t a surprise to hear the news. I knew it was a long time ago that they were going to make a movie. In fact, Polak, her brother, and the chief engineer of the company have been working at myLINGO for more than a year to prepare for the film. MyLINGO started as a side project at the University, later developed into a mature application in technology, user success through their own intelligent mobile phone can be audio and video streaming up collocation. The application of myLINGO should be enough to "safe", because this App followed the film industry inside the strict anti piracy rules, or at least have a premise, that is myLINGO and movie studios signed a formal contract.

months, Polak constantly looking for film studio, to recommend their application. Pantellion is the first and they signed the film company, is also the first myLINGO ammunition battle. Polak told the author that she believes that cooperation with the Pantellion film company can be seen as a "soft landing", but also hope that foreigners can hear the familiar language when watching movies.

of course, it’s easier said than done. Why do you say that, because if it’s easy, why don’t the studio do it yourself? For now, there’s not a movie company that specializes in recording movies. Most of the movie studios are still likely to embrace this opportunity, they also want their movie in the cinema when can play multiple voice, but the film distribution rights become nervous, some of Hollywood’s "old fashioned" are not willing and not through a third party developers App certification. But from another point of view, so far, no company has successfully launched its own voice App applications, >

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