When the immortal encounter defend radish and fish how to play punk

Chen Jianyu (left) and Yao Jianjun (right) Sina Technology Heran Li

technology is the establishment of the new company and halo game kero world after the merger, the two companies together, not only have a similar experience, and has two young 80 founder: halo games Yao Jianjun (A Fei) and Chen Jianyu (FISH) in the world.

may be slightly unfamiliar with these two names, but referred to the products of the two companies in the Internet circle, especially in the game circle, have a high visibility. Is the immortal halo game developers, the game officially launched in 2011, Webpage Game A new force suddenly rises. fierce competition in the market at the time. Leisure and kero world Mobile Games defend radish series developer, in two years, defend radish series products accumulated hundreds of millions of users.

many tourists think that Xiamen is a relatively slow pace of the city, people bathed in warm seasons, enjoying life xiaofujian. In fact, Xiamen is not only a tourist destination, but also the Internet entrepreneurial city. This year has become a hot spot for entrepreneurs in mobile internet.

in this comfortable environment, a group of fast-paced Internet companies quietly rise, and is driving the city to speed up the rhythm. The number of enterprises will have previous halo games, now flying technology.

success: 51% by luck

halo game and kero world the merger of the two companies named after technology have two reasons: one is the one word from two net; two is the immortal development studio called flight, take a homonym. After the merger, Yao Jianjun served as president of the Chen Jianyu CEO technology.

two individuals have their own independent office in the company, but they are not in the office, both weekdays and brought his team sitting outside the ordinary position, the so-called office over the huge desk no matter, Yao Jianjun said, "here (Office) a reception the room is outside".

no way, do the products of the company is such, this is to reduce the time cost of communication, "said Yao Jianjun, as well as to when you meet the right time, you are ready to leave, do not regret. He believes that if something, 51% rely on luck, "there are many unknown factors in doing not clear, I will this part down to luck, and the other part is to rely on our own efforts, otherwise only is no good luck. For example, the same product, you late half a year or one year after the introduction, there may be no market".

Chen Jianyu agrees, he said, this time not only refers to a product of the timing, it can refine in what kind of a team in a specific period of time appeared to people, "this is a kind of fate is a kind of luck". He said the timing could not be defined by a specific rule, but when it was done

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