Zhou Ning thinking mode analysis using O2O venture 5 obstacles



every entrepreneur will enlarge the value of the opportunity without limitation and ignore the possibility of difficulty or failure. The emergence of the concept of O2O, no doubt once again guide many entrepreneurs from the concept, and ultimately to failure. In fact, O2O is a more reliable concept, so why O2O entrepreneurs will have so many losers? The reason is that a lot of people are opportunists, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, is a speculative. Originally, some of the good ideas or ideas are able to use the Internet technology to change the world of entrepreneurs to provide a powerful weapon


to O2O, for example, we try to analyze the entrepreneurial project thinking mode:

a, first of all, we analyze the nature of the essential conditions of entrepreneurship from O2O.

O2O as its name implies is through the Internet application technology for online and offline bypass, online promotion, offline transactions.

the first step, we want to know through the O2O can do two things: 1, the entity through the O2O to establish their own channels; 2, venture companies to establish O2O platform.

startups do something more inclined to build a platform. So, we have to make it clear: why do people want to come to you to promote the user why you want to go to the recommended line shopping or spending?

we found that we must return to the basic concepts of soil:

1, the platform must have a user, there is flow, viscosity. Businesses in this platform marketing cost is low, the output size is large enough.

2, the user through the information service can cultivate the platform for businesses and services trust.

3, the service provided by the business must meet certain standards to meet the requirements of users, while reasonable price.

4, the number of platforms must be large enough, so that consumers believe that the information obtained from the platform can save shopping costs.

summed up is: the number of users, the number of service providers, interactive mode.

two, predict how many projects fail – O2O’s 5 major obstacles:

once we know the essence of entrepreneurial projects, we can consider the worst possible reasons for the failure of the project. For O2O projects, the following 5 basic obstacles are fatal, if you can not find a reliable solution, the project will fail:

1, capital

many from the concept of entrepreneurial projects is difficult to stay in the air plant, online state, offline state can not be transformed into. This is a huge risk to the project is difficult to evaluate investment

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