Adsense must rely on advertising alliance

for the first time to write, write well

, please forgive me!

now the vast majority of owners are relying on mother, Google and other large advertising alliance. There are some webmaster to do a little league. But the mother and Google said K K, K you have nothing to say, say people are rich. Small coalition can make money, but the deduction is serious.

is not our webmaster no other way out?

road is always there, more people go, it has become a road. We can find products on our website to sell.


1. Game information: station can find the game platform, such as a visitor to your site by registering a game account and has value, then you can how much rebate.

2. Film information station: the movie is very money, his return is very large, the film is also a good publicity fat. For example, the flow of your station, and go to the film side to talk about the price, you do his ad on the site, to help him to promote, how much money a month advertising costs.

3. Novel reading station: you can sell popular novels, set up a payment system, sell their own or other people to provide a platform, you help others sell.

There are a lot of

, there are many types, not to enumerate, hope we all play, don’t rely on advertising alliance, owners of their own thinking is the kingly way


AD look at their new sites:

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