nternet marketing and research

In the domestic Internet started to now, basically are limited use of marketing research methods (or market research in this way) to come out of a direction. To achieve the budget of entrepreneurs and other small businesses are far from limited.       while the current through the Internet, small businesses they are more market research programs to the Internet side by side". It is more important for them to find the source of the research. To achieve the real benefits of the internet.   marketing and marketing research:   there are also several kinds of research claims, and the study of the origin and classification of the study is how to carry out!   marketing and Market Research: divided into two kinds of       1, for example, your company a new product. Generally speaking, the advantages of the product and the price of the product you can grasp very well. But slowly you can find that with some other companies they also launched a number of low prices and similar products of your company. So this will also be your first step into the study of the origins of the market.       2; another is based on looking for research, or research began in place. You can get second-hand research materials either by purchasing or by looking for free resources.   how to study marketing and Market Research: qualitative and quantitative   qualitative research and exploration are often directional. The topic of this topic related topics and other clues you collect through the channel, it may be your best information. Quantitative research is designed to analyze and calculate. The results of this study are not more accurate than qualitative studies. Under normal circumstances, the company conducts a qualitative study, and then develops a concept or an idea.   intermediate marketing and marketing research   as a small business budget, your research will be limited to research. Good news or bad news. Or more discoveries. Search the Internet for information you may find. To get useful information about good and bad.     what’s more, you can get information from the Internet to find the source of some markets. News reports…… A message is likely to bring you a market source. Or the end of the year report and so on can also find some information on the industry to inspire you…             another source for the two study of corporate land use. Its main business is to conduct a preliminary study of the customer or the preparation, to get their feedback. Sometimes they may ask for some information about your company……   qualitative primary research methods           qualitative primary research is more flexible

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