Do not use search in the short term can make money

see some Wangzhuan popular online training class, base on the income of 500, or a monthly income of 3000 yuan at the end of such training advertising, as long as you pay hundreds of yuan of money, or buy their money making tutorial, they can teach you how to make money fast, more than 2 weeks, at least 3 days can let the day do day earn 300 yuan. In the face of so many income security at the end of training advertising, forced people to ponder his authenticity! Has held Seo training, along with students say that money can not be impatient, if have no grasp of theory, is eager to earn much.

, of course, not to say that you must learn SEO to make money, in fact a fast way to make money is not to say no, the following is about an example about the actual examples, from a friend, a television station, this station some time ago by Baidu and Google K, a friend asked me this station, there is a fixed flow around 1000IP, throw away waste, how to use this station to make money. I say a little about, of course, this method is not the so-called online training class to be so exaggerated, can easily earn 5001000 a day or something.

using Baidu Post Bar, this is the key, in accordance with the popularity of Baidu Post Bar, find a few Post Bar hot, if you have professional itself, such as my friend’s station is television station, he is the use of various popular movies such as XXX Post Bar to connect, the latest DVD Watch online download, then connect to an address of this station. This is a mom and earn GG a good way, although the flow of garbage, but does this represent money, such as some time ago TVB celebrations, my friend in TVB inside a TVB 2008 Taiwan online watch address post, and has been from the top, and then put a three GG advertising and advertisement of the mom in this station page, the TVB came from close to 10 thousand IP, Ali and GG earn nearly 150. Of course, this page does not have a real online watch address, just use GG advertising to do a induced click. Many of my friends asked, that this will not lead to Baidu domain name, not afraid of this, 1 dollars a CN, you will note a few more, at any time to change, practice has proved that this technique is relatively hard, but if you do, one day earn 100 is definitely not what problem. The key is that you have to focus on the latest hot spots, and then enter the relevant post bar, with the temptation to guide the title.

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