Network Herald inventory of young entrepreneurs entrepreneurial experience and experience

along with the Internet, the ups and downs of the mobile Internet, China’s venture capital industry will rise, and play a huge role in the discovery of capital, value and value of the realization of the role of. Behind the well-known Internet Co, active angel investors and venture capital institutions figure. They are not mysterious.

from the beginning of this period, the network will herald a series of reports in order to form, to entrepreneurs and angel / risk investor clues, each link depth interpretation of investment, and show their wonderful views.

I stood in Zhongguancun tophere building nine watched the surging crowd. This is the new resident of the innovation workshop.

and innovation works together with the move, and Tsinghua Science Park (West). At the same time, in March last year, the establishment of "angel" – a symbol of angel investment institutions – also settled in Haidian. After that, the 2012 China angel investor conference held in Park Hyatt Hotel, the seventh China DEMOCHINA2012 innovation contest in Beijing kicked off the Risorgimento Hotel……

so, whether in tophere building or the Park Hyatt Hotel or the Risorgimento Hotel, you can see such a group of guests from all over the country. They’re a little bit special. How do you say? They are a shining halo, gold with the angel, as well as more or less flash, said a little low-key small angel; and most of the crowd, is eager to embrace the great dream, Daijiaergu, angel in favor of entrepreneurs.

however, in this group of entrepreneurs, you can not see the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) figure. But if the time goes forward to June 1998, if there is already a "DEMO show" of the Chinese version, or, if the angels are active enough, then, he may be one of them. If he is lucky enough to get the investment, you may not see him riding a bike 28 entrepreneurs figure. His entrepreneurial principal is 12 thousand yuan. But now, in May 3rd, "fortune" published "China’s 40 under the age of 40 business elite list", he has topped the list. Last year, Jingdong mall annual sales of 30 billion 960 million yuan, while his goal is to achieve sales revenue of $200 billion in the next five years.

reporter noted that in the list of 40 people, there are 31 people are Internet entrepreneurs, active in e-commerce, game development, precision marketing and other fields.

they are entrepreneurs in the Internet leader, every move is a concern.

but there are more entrepreneurs who don’t have such a big impact. Either of them has just started, the great entrepreneurial dream is just a prototype or idea; or made some achievements in the industry, from the dream a step closer; either never enter your sight, no secular sense of success. But as a group, entrepreneurs have extraordinary significance. With Li Kaifu >

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