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in recent years, along with the local forums hot, attracting more and more attention to the grassroots webmaster, but it is because of the grassroots webmaster in manpower, material resources and funds are limited, want to do a good job site is very difficult, a local forum if you have been unable to find a profit will soon fall go, in front of a few articles have introduced the local forum operation selection and promotion measures, if you do not know can see for yourself. I am writing this article is to share with you what the local forum to make money model, you can make more friends want to find a profit for their own.

1: Forum advertising revenue due to the early influence and visibility is not high, the vast majority of businesses will not be in our forum advertising while advertising alliance is the best choice for early site profitable projects, the choice of advertising to the attention of the alliance’s reputation, if the site record we can go directly to the application through Baidu alliance or Google alliance according to my experience in GG advertising alliance webmaster friends better than Baidu, and according to the specific content of everyone. Secondly, we can also some personal ads, this person is very easy to find, we have seen the psoriasis? There, a contact, you can choose some good call to contact them to advertise on your website, they are willing to, as prices are much higher than the advertising alliance! Early contact forum small ads can make a web site operation, personal think a lot of advertising we should pay more attention to the surrounding.

2 service revenue: service revenue of local websites unique advantages, but we need to have this website popularity, with the popularity of this one is very easy to obtain high profits, the forum has been popular after we can talk now many businesses know website publicity and business, as long as we prepare for the initiative talk, and business analysis of advertising return on investment is much, but do not deceive you business, after a while will not believe you, and will cause great influence on our brand! If these work is done, our hands have accumulated a certain amount of business, this time we have to plan union discount activity, not only can join the businesses to charge a fee, but also sales discount card! This profit model is to me They actively accumulate popularity can easily get profit from.

3 city online shopping e-commerce revenue: now is the fire, now many online mall free program, this program combines in our forum, because users are very trust in our local forum, the number of members and the conversion rate is very high, so many people will come to our shop, we can provide the basis for the if you want to upload more photos, and online ranking, the use of more features you can upgrade the VIP and so on! Rules need to set their own good, early can be cheaper, after increased visibility can be appropriate to raise prices, but we can open the Taobao store, also set up shop in their own store, every two so you can get a decent income. Remember.

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