ndividual owners start on the road in the investment not easy

has also had such an experience, busy every day, all day to get down to do their own exhausted, but before going back to sleep and do not know what they are busy. When asleep, just remember to do today, the plan also did not move a step!! this coquettish and dignified "busy" state had lasted several months, although can quickly wake up soon discovered, but does not know what the reason is, also like me do good friends of such problems. Can not get a better solution. What is the reason? Later thinking since it is like this, why don’t you take every day to do things and events are a little record? Such a night you can see exactly where the problem was that, although there are plans, but no time to go into force, this is a fake problem, there is a problem, can found the problem, just do not know how to solve the problem.

I think this is now a lot of new friends often encounter problems, don’t know that the project is going to look at others often advertising, know they don’t have the execution also know how to do things in a planned, no money has been know to make money, there is a little heavy, like a country say, if your mind is not too good, so don’t see too many ads! Some things, know is not equal to. Often only see the surface, there is no specific dynamic action, so often knows this, but do not know how to solve the problem, the best way is to believe in yourself, one can immediately effective way to find yourself. Back to this record every day to do things above, for example, 18:00 write A5 article, the theme of the end time: XXXX time: XXXX. As detailed as possible to record it, don’t let any one can use your time in detail, then recorded. The last is the evening time to study, what the problem is where, as the beginning of my problem is in every day I find chat, ask too many questions, most of the time on it.

second days I simply in doing things or writing articles directly to the QQ and all chat software are closed. The results showed that in the process of doing things is more efficient, and is not maximized, there will be in the collection of materials, or when dealing with something of yourself into a, that is a little less important things to attract the feelings of the past! For example, today to write the theme is about a business growth history, the goal is to create the enterprise spirit with soft, in the understanding of the process, found that there are a lot of places worthy of their own learning, so went in, not in accordance with the original intention of development is that of their own to marketing, to a point of inside, and the whole thing is not much help! As for the QQ above, not to mention it, often write, and then saw a familiar message here, but I am more interested in the topic, and then chat, and finally talk about the time to go back and think about what they have to do

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