Wangzhuan novice guide beware of Wangzhuan five temptations

ha ha, unknowingly a year later, the front end of the sesame encountered a lot of friends ask about the recent online new projects. Nature is also encountered a lot of deceptive projects, causing trouble friends. It’s here today.

a network to make money training

recent network to make money to train more and more sites, but also become quite professional. Many groups come, do not know the new thought in sunflower. In fact, I was the previous opinion, these training team is not a lie, they are also taught a lot of things have practical value. But these things have a lot of free version of the network, there are better things for your reference learning. And they sell things, many are outdated, the effect is very poor.

also is, do you really think you can learn these do Wangzhuan tutorial is not a panacea, if there is no efforts to maintain and persevere, no matter how much the tutorial is of no use, there is no royal road to Wangzhuan, through skill is unable to achieve true wangzhuan.

two. Cooperative alliance cheating, profit half

Taobao Taobao deal on a lot of money to help others brush advertising alliance services. Baidu is generally cheating alliance, if the success of the proceeds of half a minute, failure, then a text does not accept, but also Taobao transactions, seems to be credible. But if you stand in his point of view is very clear, in fact, he may have dozens of hundreds of people a day for cheating, so, as long as the success rate can be maintained at 10%, the 90% at the expense of someone else’s account, he does not need to pay any cost. Occasionally if successful, then he is directly with the income of 50%, ha ha, is really a lot of benefits.

union cheating income, then there is the risk of their own, this public cheating, basically does not exist. Because if there is, the alliance will immediately find ways to stop, the advertising alliance is not a fool.

three. Fund investment rebate project, 10 days back to the

is now a lot of funds on the web site of the investment, said the size of their own how big. After the investment, 10, within 30 days of this. This investment is similar to the Pyramid model, the upper is back, but most are not back to the station, because it will run away when raising to a certain amount of (if not run away, the scale is big enough, the government will give up, and all the money confiscated, because this is involved in illegal fund-raising).


met a lot of friends are not listen to advice, because early have the rebate, that I was fooled people. But in the investment, soon to close, not a penny money back, but also listen to the website called the maintenance notice, until the site closed for more than a month, it gradually realized that he was fooled, but this time the report, have been impossible.

four join the project.

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