Grassroots exchange chain want K you did not discuss

I am not to send soft Wen, nor is it to send AD, I just want to use facts to prove that this grassroots children’s exchange chain has much garbage.

liar Alliance: Grassroots children exchange chain address:

some time ago their customer service QQ let me put their code, I was doing 779 lazy to change, he said a few words, I can give him a face to put his code. However, the integral estimate up to 5000 (about $100, their settlement standards) suddenly account can not log on, contact customer service said I cheated. Because my website put a pop, the pop-up page was placed in the grassroots advertising, so they even "cheating". Conscience, I have done 779 more than a year has not said I cheat, I did not expect this garbage Union on this. Which alliance will require owners to put the code page flow must be all Baidu antecedents? Do not put advertising popups in



they say nice things to me and let me put the code (actually it’s just like a cheater)




what is not said, if you agree with this statement, please click the "next", let us work together to the top dead garbage alliance.

Description: I (QQ:20016964) is responsible for all of the above content, please webmaster network allowed to publish, so that more grassroots children away from the "grassroots" junk union!!!

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