Continuous entrepreneur Wang Chenyun readme from genius to 30 years old bankruptcy entrepreneurship

introduction Chen Yun is the star network founder Kang, network star mall was founded in 2011, December 28, 2012 officially renamed the "star network Kang", Wang Chenyun said to the net star made "health Kang products in the field of public comment".

star Kang in recent years with the rise of the trend of rapid development of the health industry, in an interview with Wang Chenyun on a healthy trend is very clear, and the executive power. People can not imagine, in front of the clear thinking of successful entrepreneurs, in a few years ago "madness" – he was excessive and waste management business, because their worth tens of millions of break the pale to be destroyed on one day at the age of thirty, can only rely on borrowed money.

, as Pu Shu sings in the ordinary way, "I’ve ruined everything"


out of vanity

Wang Chenyun describes his thirty year old thirty years of age: "for pride and pole to face me, is really a lifetime blow."

Wang Chenyun 15 years old start the Internet business, known as the "network legend teenager", at the age of 18 to earn tens of millions, and later sell gifts, selling health products so that he earned more money. Wang Chenyun’s story is just as beautiful as the legendary story of the Internet business, and he himself has been expanding in his dream until it breaks like a bubble…

Wang Chenyun of the I horse describe those crazy days: "I can understand the feeling of vanity bursting, most of the time, very good use, can be a reasonable arrangement. So took many years of savings as angel investors everywhere, a total of 19 investment projects, in addition to e-commerce, the Internet, but also tourism, jewelry, film and television media, women’s college, etc.. They do not go to the management of these companies, not to meet with employees, and shareholders meeting is also very hard, not into the company for a long time. At the same time, playing outside, open luxury car, the driver, 3 beauty assistant……"

Wang Chenyun once proud to know the brightest large coffee. At least half of the companies in the US listed Chinese stocks are known by Wang Chenyun. A year ago Wang Chenyun will engage in a nationwide Internet Conference in Shanghai, each have at least 1000 people attended, had a pile of flashy without substance organization, the chamber of Commerce — it was Wang Chenyun.

life is not a dream, in the end Wang Chenyun was the "punishment"".

"was some investment firm CEO capital chain has broken off the overhead…… Finally, I sold all my own cars, and even the only one of my parents sold the house."

does not focus on making Wang Chenyun lose his position, as a continuous entrepreneur, he had lost most of the entrepreneurs should be dedicated and modest.

focus on success

Wang Chenyun has now begun to focus on his career, once the failure of his anti

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