Do not go to the brand marketing model ndeed how to reach the monthly users


at the end of 2004 when Indeed was founded, in the field of search engine work has been a number of relatively perfect construction is also running a good company, such as Monster and CareerBuilder. Indeed clearly aware of this, in 2005, the company raised $5 million. It decided to do everything possible to compete with similar products on the market.

"When we were founded in 2004, Monster spent $250 million on advertising in the year," said Indeed, co founder of

and RonyKahan. So if we want to compete with the Monster must be launched ten times better than their products." The idea continues to this day. Kahan also told Mashable that Indeed had never done any advertising.

The innovation of

Indeed is that, as Kahan said, the use of Google search mode to search for employment. Compared with the traditional search engine that only shows the payroll list, Indeed also captures other information about the job and information about the company’s business development, providing a comprehensive comparison of options for users. In addition, there are various forms of search, including industry, region and key words. Although this strategy is not enough to make Indeed a household name, but to some extent, this effectively attracted users.

according to comScore statistics, Indeed for the first time beyond the Monster to become the top U.S. recruitment information search site in 2010. At present, it is the amount of access to Monster and CareerBuilder two sites integrated. On Wednesday, Indeed announced that in January of this year, the number of visitors reached one hundred million. This is also the first time the site search breakthrough record.


Indeed isn’t the only company that has 100 million users in a month without advertising. Instagram also reached 100 million users last month, also in the absence of any marketing tools. However, taking into account the strength of Indeed’s competitors, it’s more impressive than these one hundred million users. Monster and CareerBuilder are still continuing to broadcast ads on the super bowl, and adhere to the annual advertising campaign.

although Indeed was acquired by Recruit, a Japanese company in September, it has strengthened its own case. K source says he is not going to change the marketing strategy of the company said: "now, the effect is very good. Our model has a considerable amount of traffic. So I don’t think we have any reason to change. >

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