Vertical network advertising expertise is focused

Experience in the field of interactive media is a professional. Those who focus on online media agents, planners and designers are often considered to be experts in the field, they also get a lot of business.

, however, the days like this only know that the interaction is enough is gone forever. Nowadays, people are committed to the development of experts in a particular field. Search engines use such a concept, the design of local search, news search and shopping search engine, to simplify those who have a clear purpose of the consumer lifestyle. Online advertising has been advancing with the times, make some changes.

in the past, the network advertising in accordance with the directory classification. It’s not easy to find a sports fan or a professional mother in a bunch of web sites. The next generation of online advertising for media buyers will be focused on a vertical network of industry. And those who are at the top of the 10 categories of advertising is different, they only do a professional content of the 20. Although they have multitude content, but sometimes, it focuses on that point is just what you need.

at present, science and technology, tourism and automotive and other aspects of the vertical network has been advertising, and the rapid growth. NetShelter Branded Network, an interactive advertising technology web site, since its inception in May 2006, its independent user access has increased from 2 million per month to the about 5000000. Microsoft, HP, SONY, Verizon wireless and Toshiba have all served as its advertisers.

Travel Network Ad, which generates more than 10 million visits per month, and this for FedEx, Hilton Hotel, Heinz…… It’s enough for advertisers.

Jumpstart Media Automotive, the value of this site is not only its 6 million monthly visits. In accordance with the company’s CEO Mitch Lowe, their website "farther than other traditional advertising network, they not only provide the purchaser for media advertising of the huge traffic, but also provide commercial services.

"if you want to know what Junmpstart is doing," vertical web advertising "may be the best explanation. But I’m afraid you’ll have to subvert all of your previous impressions of online advertising." Lowe said.

you see online advertising, and we think it is a partner

Jumpstart in addition to advertisers to provide advertising planning, but also by virtue of Jumpstart resources for advertisers to find a car purchase intention of the consumer market, put their ads. Like most vertical providers, it is not a businessman but a partner.

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