99 online bookstores spring rebate doubled to 15%

dear affiliate member:

99 online bookstores spring family returns since 2008 01 months 30 days 12:00, 99 in the online bookstore shopping rebate doubled to 15%, the activities of the closing date in 2008 02 months 13 days 24:00, more shopping, more affordable, quick action!

(Note: the actual running time of the commission rate for 2008-1-30 12:00 in January 30th, 12:00-24:00 data will be temporarily according to the original standard 6% records, to end check results, the data will be during the period, according to the proportion of 15%. Please rest assured.


Spring Festival strong surprise attack constantly:

, a new super coupon: over 119 yuan to send 39 yuan


two, special offer spring, educated, non Mo "you be a brilliant man of wide learning, rat

99 New Year gift, the price low to make your heart beat. 2 yuan, 3 yuan, 6.6 yuan, a variety of heart affordable price is brilliant, infinite charm!

three, optional package: love books to choose

only 49 yuan, you can make your heart in exchange for 3 of the books; 89 yuan, can be changed to 5 this long-awaited book; 119 yuan, you can get 8 of the yearn day and night……

four, invincible slot machine, gift joy send

February 5th is about to open, please look forward to

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