Advertising alliance you hurt the heart of the webmaster

advertising alliance for every webmaster are not unfamiliar, especially personal webmaster want to obtain revenue through advertising alliance advertising, but advertising alliance is not as good as they say, here I will talk about our Chinese Auto Parts Network Engineering ( and China machinery business network ( is how to win off network deception.

we China engineering machinery business and Chinese auto parts industry site, to win customer network staff said they found me the most suitable advertising industry website and the price is high, the click of a 0.6 yuan, if the result is good up to 1 yuan / times, he said many of their advertising than other places the advertising alliance advantage, so I just said to the leadership in the two site visit the main page high on their advertising.

A few days ago

statistical account is accurate, there are hundreds of hits every day, income can still, to see whether they settled on time, I will take hundreds of Yuan account for settlement, I asked what time they can arrival, they said to the next month for the general monthly mid remittance, finally had to wait until the middle of next month, I asked them when they said recently to remittance, so I asked every day, every day they gave me the answer is to notify me, so often, has asked for a month, he said the financial remittance, I spent three days waiting for the bank card has no money I let him put the bottom one to me to see, he said sorry, recent financial personnel changes so you money in a few days, I was dizzy, two hundred dollars for

so slow?

so every day I let him go to urge financial, finally he was anxious to say: "I can’t help my only clerk, every day a lot of people rush me remittance company so I can not ah, I would like to transfer as soon as possible, I do not intend to work here." So until that day I check the remittance, 200 yuan to 120 yuan, he said to be tax deductible tax can not be deducted so much ah, depressed.

really did not expect their remittance is so slow, delayed, only because of their high price we did not withdraw, but also in the Chinese engineering machinery business China auto parts network and increase of advertising, slowly I found that they gave us the deduction amount, the amount of tens of thousands of show with a few clicks every day, in order to verify their buckle the amount, I let the different parts of the customer with one click it for second days or a few clicks, I asked him, but he has not been online, I call the customer service phone, customer service said he resigned, I put the case to the customer service said, she said that our website cheating so the click cheating removed I was dizzy, although every day, the same IP is only once, but we can’t show the amount of tens of thousands of hits are few, and different parts of the customer clicks, I put our IP statistics Let her see, she only said that the company rules.

after a few days the customer informed me that they detect the technical personnel of our website cheating, so bring the price down to 0.3 yuan / times, I find them, they say "reasoning

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