Why Ali mother stopped clicking ads

"Dear members: Leadweb hello!

congratulations, you posted on Ali’s mother’s website has been audited!"

in June 27, 2008, when I received the Email of Ali’s mother, I was so excited, this can try this legendary Alibaba’s advertising trading platform.

"Dear member: ([email protected]) hello!

thank you very much for coming to Ali’s mother! Sorry, we have to click on the ads on the monitoring data on your website is abnormal, in order to protect the interests of buyers, we suspended your account please click on ads; verification of the phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice within a week of the phenomenon and make a written explanation.

if you think that after verification, the phenomenon is normal and in accordance with the actual situation, please provide proof within the time limit data corresponding to my website, if not available, or the information provided can not prove your claim, we will terminate the cooperation with you to click on ads. But does not affect your mother in the Ali market, put on the normal advertising time on a long time; at the same time, you click on the expected revenue in the past will be paid in accordance with the principles of Ali mother normal extraction.

you can in the "my mother" – Ali main site "on the right side of each registration site, find the entrance for the."

in July 1, 2008, when I received my mother’s second Email, I was surprised! This, I can not accept, how is this going on?

my site is the regular site absolutely, the flow is from Baidu, and the webmaster Wangzhuan I has nearly 3 years of history, is not possible to do the advertising, since the retarded point of each other things. This time I said, click on the ad data anomalies is really unexpected.

was very angry, so according to their prompt submission of the application of

. "

"Dear members: Leadweb hello!

I’m sorry, after a review of the site the existence of abnormal data, do not give closed, if there is with official statistics show that in the next time please submit the application, fill in the detailed statistical data submitted in the entrance (available statistical tools), or with data. (Note: do not accept the attachment) to provide data that are for reference only, not for judging whether the basis.

Ali mother staff will provide you with the information to verify again. If you have any questions please: online message page for submission, customer service staff will reply to you within 24 hours."

in July 3, 2008, this is their answer, but I knew I didn’t have any cheating, so not convinced, saw their reply, I think because my click rate is relatively high because of their misunderstanding.

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