failed the tragic history of entrepreneurship



game media U9 net general manager Li Qiufeng after three years of social gaming business, eventually ended in failure. There are few industry experiences and the experience of failure for generations, so business mistakes in continuously in a team again, it is written with a blood entrepreneurial experience, blood can not flow in vain, it can not read.


Li Qiufeng experience:

17173 community senior manager

Sohu game channel editor

UUU9.COM general manager

(founder of Fenghua game social game development)

(also in other companies have access to operations, marketing, public relations, sales work)


from 09 years so far, toss for a period of three years, and finally I failed to start a business. Failure is not terrible, terrible is not to learn from the failure.

I think the most important three points of entrepreneurship, in accordance with the order of the size of the weight is followed, business models, execution and funding. A business model is, what are you doing, the entire business plan down many important links, these links are in place to achieve profitability; execution can also be understood as a team, you can make your team, will your business model perform well to let the idea into the actual; finally is money, money is not everything, no money is totally unacceptable, everybody knows.

The first step in

Entrepreneurship: identifying business models

a lot of occupation managers business the biggest problem is not the business as a business to look at, business is the core business model, you want what to produce, how to promote the sales production well? By the two problems derived from a lot of problems, such as how you produce high-quality products if you want to you? The agents have the ability to do the promotion? How do you build and maintain platform? In the past work experience, occupation managers are accustomed to doing things according to the requirements of the boss, did not consider doing one thing how much the company can afford to pay the fees, ready to produce the number of return things, if the boss thinks the cost too high and canceled the plan, people will think that occupation boss stingy, but this is actually a specific performance is not high enough, the lack of experience.

CEO understanding of the business model if superficial, then at least this venture is bound to fail. Determine the direction of the project, determine the combat effectiveness of the team, to determine the ability of agents, to determine the relationship between a good platform, a good CEO to tell myself, I should do what things, these things are the weight of how much. My personal view is that a start-up team of CEO, should spend 70% of the time in internal affairs, including group

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