How to convert garbage into money

we may have a feeling that takes a long time to do regular station flow accumulation, and the garbage station is very easy to pull to flow, often see a month to flow 10 thousand articles, but the station’s profit level is low, the flow is often only and not to earn money, just to meet the their vanity.

to make money first to have traffic, this is correct, but if it is garbage flows into money, it is difficult, but not impossible task, we first look at what is trash and garbage stations do flow.

how to do garbage dump

one, most of the garbage station is a picture stand, novel station, gender health stations, QQ space code station, etc., in general, is to do hot words, what keyword hot he will do. These words in the Baidu index generally tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands.

these garbage stations do is related to these words, why do not do directly related to these words. Because the word is too fierce competition in a short time it is difficult to do it, but the heat is still the same words.

two, garbage station flow of six word scriptures: camouflage induced by deception. Of course, do the garbage station must have a certain SEO basis, or you can only look at others standing in front of the Baidu row, and your garbage station is always in the back. Such a dumpster is a failure.

how to convert the garbage into money

to do the shortcomings of the garbage station is to come to the basic flow of traffic is not real, or not a stable flow, if a garbage station to the transformation, we must find ways to stabilize these traffic.

is a website, if all the popular attractive keywords by the pull over, open your station, greatly disappointed, hurry to put your stand off, no real significance of such flow. Therefore, there must be a way to break into the flow of these accidents, with the first step of the operation, and then continue the next operation.

This requires you to

station than Other Waste station features, allows users to have a further stay, once the flow is stable, the role of the user not only can bring you money, but also bring you enough users, as long as he can affect, but the premise is your site to be so most of the time, as long as care for your site to do good, users can find you, but you don’t need to promote.

How does the

allow users to produce continuous operation, dependence on your web site? We might as well do a game channel, not the kind of game is very complex, simple on your website to be able to play, the specific way is to join a web game platform, the better, the profit is considerable bubble play, then add a game channel on your website to do publicity, to guide the user to play the game, when the user is addicted to the "

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