Currently do five ways to make money SP

we all know now only advertising can do is pay day of the Union message is veterans who often say SP. Today I will give you a few ways to operate SP. There may be some ways you’ve seen it, but it’s not working. This is the biggest obstacle to the success of zhang. Do SP days of income over a thousand people, of course, there are a lot of skills here.

method 1 is also my main source of income. Or the use of QQ space to do, we do not want to engage in space when the temptation to go too far. I’ve got a couple of losses. The last time I finished this method a lot of people and I want to QQ search King reason is can’t find the high quality QQ number! Here is how I get a high quality QQ number. Go to Taobao to buy some 2 hand QQ envelope price is 2-3 yuan number 1000. Of course, we don’t just have to take these QQ numbers. It’s a waste of time. Find a number of software. At the same time, landing a large number of QQ numbers can be changed into the inside of the data you want and then send the number inside all of the friends, although this method a little damage.. But a word to engage in the face of the network is to earn money. Estimated that we did not receive such a message it!

Methods 2

this I have talked about is the use of XX film Riga pop and then through the server VAGAA POPC spread out furnace. A lot of people don’t care about it when I’m talking about it. If I tell you now there is a month to do this through the SP 4000 yuan + do Firefox 1700 knife cut Firefox now of course can be said profits has passed. But SP can still operate, of course, here the temptation to do a good job page. Specific methods are relatively long. There are many places on the Internet to provide the temptation of the page, search for a download. Bomb code back in there.

method 3 visits SINA BLOG creative. Many people have seen but not to operate. 1 do a SP temptation movie or video chat will do! 2 to do a Sina blog, in which add jump code. 3 build 30 blog, the names are very explicit. The 4 step on the use of blog software, only on the 10 on top of the Sina home page blog. 5 the blog software is very special, each landing in a 1 minutes, landing after removal of COOKIE, and then landed an account, and then visit the blog, so in these blog visitors, certainly is our advertising. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself. It’s very simple. You can do it by hand. Now I’m telling you that someone has done more than $3000 a month in the +1000 multi advertising alliance’s revenue by this method. SP.


method is 4, download pictures, and then uploaded to the portal site. And then these pictures in the portal and the station.

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