Young 90 should immediately start not to wait

entrepreneurship for a lot of friends is a fantasy and distant thing, the reason why the envy of the office workers because of their freedom of time, work, wealth, freedom. So many friends want to start their own business. However, most of the business, will stay in the mouth. Entrepreneurship requires money, and so I can save some money to start a business; or when I work to learn the skills, and make connections in all aspects of my business. The final result is waiting for me,,,

is now relatively hot business, especially after 90 entrepreneurs cause media, businesses and most of the attention of the workplace. The guardian found the problem is Kunming yuan business very much: twenty years of entrepreneurship, parents do not support, no money, no one; thirty year old business, wife does not support, children need stability, big do not want to do small business; about forty years old, relatives and friends are like joking live okay, don’t fight. And so on 60 years old retired, but found that his life has passed, it is better to go home with grandchildren. So I cried for the life of the slogan, but always waiting for the best opportunity.

90 after the label let many people see them wearing tainted glasses, but more and more 90 head feet, you see that the opportunity is very much. The original 90 has gradually become the main force of the community, especially the impact of the Internet so many after 90 tasted the sweetness. A successful case in front of everyone, one by one in the opportunity to wave. In particular, many areas to support college students entrepreneurship project is carried out in full swing. So, we have the idea: should I start a business?

in the end what to do? Yuan Kun felt the first to solve their own positioning problem: I am good at doing what I like to do, what I can do. Only to dig out their own strengths, and then through their own strengths to explore what problems can be solved in the end. We know that the only way to profit is to tap the user’s pain points and fix them. So whether they have to make their own positioning? If not, the direction is wrong. Because I don’t know myself, so what can I do is a vague concept.

QQ group in my sister asked a question: what is the Internet thinking? We do not Baidu, talking about their own ideas. Guardian Yuan Kun saw the first feeling is that the Internet is to allow users to think more and more lazy. For the Internet, the Internet industry giant, is not in the training of users become more and more lazy, is not in the solution to the user more and more lazy problem? If you want business, whether can cultivate the habit of users, and solve this habit of entrepreneurship should be so?.

is now a lot of people from the media are in charge of VIP membership model, is to make better use of their time to do something valuable. More and more 90 also slowly in doing such a model, although it can not talk about entrepreneurship, but has taken the first step in Entrepreneurship: I want to do something.


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