Entrepreneurs do not programming how to set up startups


has an unwritten rule: to set up a startup, you need to build a product, and the development of the product must be some programming people.

this may mean that startups are going to try to find a technology co-founder, learn how to program, or even to build a lean most simplified implementation of the product". In the traditional concept, if you do not have the technical strength, then you and a little younger than PPT.

, however, there are a number of startups in their own way, a low-key rebuttal of this traditional concept.

their technical strength is not strong, and even can not programming, but still has its own first customers. These companies did not choose those they chose as if it were raining flowers, low cost online tools, such as online form, tractor website development tools, WordPress advanced plug-in, as well as some e-commerce service providers.

the way they choose, is a full range of service customers, especially their first paid customers.

is the most important, and most of their peers are different, these weak technology start-ups to spend time on the development of other products, used in the business.

how did they do it?

focus on serving customers, rather than building products

successful founders know one thing: to serve a client is more important than to develop a product.

when you decide to start a business, the concept must go deep into your mind. The vast majority of entrepreneurs will be limited to the development of products, often overlooked the real purpose of entrepreneurship, which is to solve the problem for customers.

author Ben Yoskovitz in this quote to illustrate this point,

customers do not care how you get the problem, the customer just want you to do, you can solve their problems."

employing instead of technology

think about the most difficult things you do when you start a business. These are the most difficult things to develop.

is there anyone who can do this by hand?

for many startups, here’s the secret to great success:

David Quail is a very clever software engineer, he hopes to solve the ultimate problem: the use of e-mail to arrange the meeting.

at first, the idea of David is to build an artificial intelligence tool that can read email links and automatically arrange everything. But it may take months, even years, to implement the idea.


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