Taobao blocked Baidu’s interest in the local mall analysis

Taobao blocked Baidu has for a long time, from before the big door noisy until his Baidu raise a Babel of criticism of the line on the mall, during several times to visit than found Taobao and pat the copycat version, but this can not blame others, after all, everyone is from even a country to learn things, but in general the Baidu user experience is good, there is a discontinuity around the feeling between Taobao and alipay. May be the reason for the impact, found that the real deal is still very few practical commodities, mostly virtual cards and other things, buyers may still be waiting for a wait-and-see attitude.

to Baidu and Taobao in the war will not affect the development of local online mall, and build a platform of their own in a hurry, because they have done Taobao and pat experience, so a series of processes above are familiar with. The store on the line, every day to add one or two commodities (because usually have to work) and did not do much to promote, in a Baidu update after actually included, during the period of no more than half a month ago, because Taobao’s reputation is not so buyers are not many, I want to go to the shop to do a new now, first of all to do only a fixed place mall, and shop in the form of a company to run so that you can avoid many adverse factors of personal operation, this part of the logistics and save a lot of trouble. Unified city courier 5 yuan, and near the urban area can be directly to the door to look like, the traditional market and online operations combined. Learn from each other. I have confidence in my Huitong market well, we welcome comments. QQ:11342156

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