Taobao customers to analyze how to make money

is now Taobao customers at home has been very popular, especially the new owners, are to this development, but some webmaster do one or two months is still not to earn what money, instead of others do a few days will be able to earn money, such a situation is what reason caused it.

first: product selection

choose the product promotion, first analyze the profits of the product, the number of promotion, the number of transactions, customer service, general product profits are selected in the 40~60 percent selection is too low if the profit is too small, if the selection is too high, is not too realistic, so it is still moderate well, then look at the number of promotion, the general course is to promote the number more, products sell better, the higher the number of transactions, customer service attitude is certainly good, otherwise impossible to persuade customers to buy the product.

second: promotion

The commonly used way to promote

Forum promotion, blog promotion, QQ group promotion, SEO promotion, promotion, SNS promotion and so on, in fact, promotion methods do not need too much, just need to put the one or two promotion methods play to the highest level, then the effect is very good, some days will be able to earn money webmaster use the Forum promotion and QQ group promotion to achieve, but the most effective or use SEO promotion, but SEO promotion is more take time, but can have long-term benefits.

third: mentality

do what things are, the mentality is very important, as long as there is a good attitude, do what things are relatively easy, when Taobao first guest, must not be anxious, if more eager to get a commission, so does the effect is not good, to know how to do Wangzhuan every 15 time step. One day, we can summarize the analysis of promotion method if the benefits, product turnover situation how, where improvement is needed, after summarized and revised several times, then Taobao passenger revenue will increase.

actually do what work are the same, as long as the intention to run, take the time to run, will eventually make corresponding Commission, like trees, to fertilize it, watering, debugging, do Wangzhuan is the same, only hard work will have a good harvest.

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