Crazy Taobao project to teach you how to do Taobao guest to make money

hasn’t come to A5 for a long time. The habit of lit a cigarette, drink a touch of green tea, it seems to return to the A5 in the era of soft hair. Aftertaste this feeling, very good.

etc.anyway, directly into the topic. Before the start of the project, we first analyze what is the core factor to do Taobao guest.

where are potential customers?

is known to do a lot of Taobao guest method, the official website also has relevant teaching. In general, the intention of the QQ group, blog group, Taobao station, serial soft, mass software, and so on are good. These methods, each method has a master in the field of operation, and in the profits. New people want to do, it is not easy to tell the truth, so teach you a way of my own.

crazy Taobao guest practices:

The release of

products in our own Taobao shop, open your promotion commodity link, directly to the shopkeeper to sell all product related information (including copy text description, pictures etc.). You can change the name slightly, the price set in his 90%, he sold 100, the same thing you sell for 90.

every day 20 selling a product oiwn Taobao shop, 10 days later, you will have 200 goods, slowly begins to have to patronize the shop, with your customers time and more.

maybe you’ll ask, I don’t have anything to sell,


this is too simple, when people buy from you, you directly find the corresponding Taobao customer link point in, take the original treasurer of the goods, delivery address your customer address is Ok.

you spend 50%-70% of money to buy the product, with the price of 90% sold, so simple. And also eliminates the trouble of logistics, you do not need to ship, you do not need to edit the product description, you do not have to go to the promotion of Taobao, you want to do is simply to copy the product of others, make a difference.

project advantages:

1 when more and more goods, you can do not have a stable daily sales promotion. Taobao’s own traffic is very large, customer oriented, strong intention, 10 times higher than the general promotion turnover rate

2 Taobao customers at the same time, his Taobao shop reputation raised up a drill of the Taobao store, almost stable monthly income in 1000, and used this method to drill only about half a month.

3 do not have to promote their own, the use of Taobao traffic to do Taobao. Relatively easy.

4 your products sell well, because you choose to sell thousands of pieces of goods on Taobao.

5 eliminates the hassle of logistics.

project difficulties (shortcomings):

1 requires a certain amount of cash flow

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