College students into the shop is good medicine or bitter medicine

now there are many students in the online Taobao opened a shop, I hope the first pot of gold from the Internet to the public platform to earn life, one of which he is, of course, is just beginning, I hope you can be good, lots of care, the next point.

in the university time entirely by students at their disposal, perhaps a lot of parents do not agree with their children to open shop, feel wasted time, work, etc…. But I think we are not children, I believe that many college students are like me, feel the university is really boring, so instead of wasting time in the boring game, give yourself a platform to show their ability to open shop is a good choice! If well done is good, can enhance their self-confidence, failure, never discouraged, after all, is not what the larger investment business, a kind of experience as a path to success, experience is accumulated


more and more college students choose to open an online shop, and even a lot of their own full-time work, then this is a good medicine or bitter medicine? Let’s analyze it:

is now China’s online sales industry, oversupply.

Taobao Daily has tens of thousands of new sellers, even more and more manufacturers began in Taobao "direct", every transaction you see in Taobao, are behind the hundreds of thousands of the same goods no deal.

can be said that all aspects of life in a variety of goods, in Taobao are numerous businesses waiting for your choice.

In such a

for absolute oversupply in the market environment, a lot of business not what experience, familiar with the shop not students with entrepreneurial fantasy, flood, what will happen; first we don’t talk about to sell, we can not consider the specific circumstances of a people-oriented, under the students:

1, blind purchase, a large backlog.

basically, the first purchase of Taobao all sellers are failure, is the "Tuition"; don’t avoid, unless there is a successful seller heart son to teach you, so you do not have to open his own shop, he can be mixed directly with.

2, the further neet.

purchase money bar, although the low cost of the shop, but the same as a lot of money Oh, and the first time you are likely to be slaughtered.

and college students have no experience, purchase pull, drag the goods, shipping, you want your parents to help. I want to do a big cousin, he did not how to start, my uncle was tired of lumbar muscle strain.

3, psychological pressure.

do business is not equal to work, especially when you do not have the experience of doing business, working up to be fired, and the business will be directly reflected in the loss, the loss of money is likely to be your parents 1 years of wages. This psychological pressure on a not out of school, even the money has not earned a lot of students. In addition to >

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