We are all Taobao customers how to really embark on the road to success Taobao

we met each other may be the reason why we are off because of Taobao, Taobao chose to become a guest is because we all have a common goal, that is through the Taobao off such a platform to realize their own benefits, I think this is every guest the most fundamental to Taobao method and purpose, so what we start off this Taobao in a platform, whether there is thought, what is the real Taobao Taobao off the guest? What? Taobao customers Amoy baby in there? If there is, then you have to do is to put these your ideas into practice, if not, I in the next article 11 to introduce, how to really go on a successful Taobao off the road, to get our own get the.

we have a habit of thinking, always see others through time, gain a certain way and thinking they can stampede in, through this way, and then copy a successful example, this is It’s only human., if I stand in your point of view, I will be so want to imitate, after all it will be a good method, even Tencent such enterprises have been dubbed "has been imitated, never want to go beyond this name, so that imitation is indeed feasible, Tencent to imitate, so the success of Tencent. Sina imitated, Sina also succeeded.

then immediately said, we should imitate, and there are good reasons to imitate, as long as can be profitable, why not choose to imitate it, I always feel to say that people are their own success, talking, so they naturally feel the way it should be someone else learning, in fact, Tencent imitate the successful, because there is a Tencent, Sina’s success, but also because only a Sina, Taobao more passengers blindly imitate, then there will be a few off the success of Taobao? Any one thing, should be small and fine, once too many individuals involved, it will become flooded, after will become so profitable, ultimately could "lose the wife of another soldier", spent a lot of time, missing what also didn’t get benefits .

we are Taobao, if we are the same, in fact, we have only one Taobao. So, to imitate, but to consider how to imitate, is not everyone’s ideas are suitable for their own way, every one is feasible for itself, I think this is my final decision you can do Taobao off such a successful premise.

Tencent micro-blog for many of my friends, I think it is not strange, Tencent micro-blog also is not imitation, when the rise in micro-blog wave, Tencent general did not forget to share, the Tencent micro-blog did not succeed?. Why, because micro-blog is flooding. Tencent micro-blog will succeed, yes. Why because Tencent has a huge user base. I think this is one reason why Tencent dare to imitate, because of his. As for how thick the foundation, roughly think about the user base and user groups can QQ >

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