New and old online advertising techniques

  the Internet is not the "fourth media", the theory is quite different views. In my opinion, the Internet is a collection of multiple functions as one of the Almighty communication technology tools. You can also see it as a "carrier" of information exchange, which provides a common platform for the transmission and exchange of information. One of the "carrier based aircraft" is the media, a different from the three types of media (printing, radio, television) of the new media, can also be called "the fourth media". This kind of "carrier aircraft" series, including the news mail, news discussion group, the world wide web site, bulletin boards, instant chat rooms, and so on a variety of styles (this topic, I will also be discussed in the future).

first from the compliance with the rules of traditional media advertising, online advertising should focus on the three magic weapons: (1) to lock the target audience; (2) good advertising copy; (3) the implementation of the effect of monitoring.

is the basis for determining the success or failure of advertising, is to choose the appropriate online advertising carrier, for your ads to find the best distribution. First of all, you have to accurately lock your target audience, and then, according to your budget, find the most suitable for them to visit the online media.

if your advertising budget is not how well (most Internet companies are like this), your focus should not be on those large online media advertising price is high, but should be a small media like news mail, electronic magazine. Over the past two or three years, as the number of Internet users continues to grow, the number of these media has sprung up, covering more and more fields. The size of their distribution (the number of subscribers) varies widely, and the characteristics of the audience are different. The only thing they have in common is that they are cheap.

Because of the huge number of

and the development of free media, audience some chances are your target audience, as is your custom, the effect is surprisingly good. This is so because the types of online media are suitable for many individuals founded, low operation cost and simple procedures (basically is "lawless", do not want to do), the founder of a traditional media like to win glory in battle.

such a large number of online media, you choose a wide range, resulting in a problem is to identify the most suitable for your media, you need to spend some effort. Usually you need to do some short-term tests to determine the best advertising carrier.

once you find the target audience, it’s time to sit down and think about the ad copy. Online advertising techniques, we have discussed here, then make roughly:

(1) to expose the most attractive title >

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