An entrepreneur’s capital lesson Cao Kai founder of Seventh Avenue

The new company

Cao Kai Shenzhen Qifan Network Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen Nanshan EVOC building, and here he founded the Seventh Avenue office only 330 meters away, but now the seventh avenue is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sohu to swim, because before the beginning of May of this year Seventh Avenue second materials submitted to NASDAQ the founder of the 80, chose to sell the shares left.


The founder of

declined in the NASDAQ bell temptation and choose to leave is not common, for this happened in 7 months ago in the middle of the game, the industry vary, there is news that Cao Kai is leaving because unable to complete the tour with a performance on gambling; also there is a saying that the seventh Avenue management intervention too much, Cao left angrily there are rumors; Seventh Avenue between several founders of infighting is the reason for the final run away.


Cao Kai his conclusion is simple: one is his mistake tour and other investors, in profits and exit the market, but did not enjoy this idea, don’t want to be without the management rights of the company caught; two is that content is made after the listing of the company, it is difficult to concentrate on the game however, a capital operation as the core, contrary to their original intention.


mistakenly think that the tour will exit" sounds counterintuitive, but Cao Kai in the Seventh Avenue takeover period showed the working state is unlike a migrant, almost every day to stay up until, finally broke the most game developers to develop two consecutive successful game spell, in the "bouncing church" outside, but also the development of high water "the Divine Comedy".

for entrepreneurs, was forced to leave a hand created company is undoubtedly a painful lesson, although Cao Kai said "now, I think that is a harvest, I never take this as a lesson", but he still admits to "heartache but do not regret it, because there is no regret".

now he was back to the original stay up until the working state of the new company Qifan network business is still in the direction of web games, he decided to start a news, a large number of investors to seek cooperation, but he refused all of all investors, although he does not rule out the possibility of the introduction of new investors, but he is on the management of the company will never let go.

in addition, he also decided to invest in some of the tricky game team, in addition to the regular game development and operations, he is willing to give these teams to share the experience with the capital game.

Webpage Game commitment myth tour

was founded in early 2008, Seventh Avenue off a 90 flat size near Shenzhen Nantou house, a small team of 5 people after a brief period of confusion after the selection of web games as its own development direction, even as Chinese web games rise, since 2006 all rely on the "cat" journey to open Webpage Game market after the Webpage Game market is full of all kinds of simple low quality games.

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