Do GOOGLE monthly income of ten thousand RMB tips exchange

      GOOGLE RMB may do a monthly income of ten thousand Union until now many MJJ don’t believe

      expert, always hiding in the corner of the amount of money.


statement, I am not an expert.

      the first prerequisite for making money (other people’s article) I cite this MJJ for

      1, in certain segments leading website

      such sites can be seen as occupying a niche market. The pool is not big, but the fish is not small, because there is only a big fish in the pool. Is this your website? If you can easily find similar sites and your site, then it is difficult to rely on Adsense to make a lot of money. Have a good site, in order to have a considerable income.

      so, I can reverse: most of the web site, image station, resource station, entertainment station Adsense unit price will be very low. Because too similar, even if you are a dragon fish hybrid, it is difficult to talent shows itself.

      2, the PR value to high

      the higher the PR value of the site. Usually able to reach 4 is an excellent site, to achieve a very good on the 5, reaching more than 6 of the most prominent in the field. I guess Adsense will take PR into account. Refer to the following website PR value:

      =6 laggards, NetEase =7, admin5=6, DoNews = 6, Hao123 = 6, Baidu =7, WebmasterWorld=8
      PR address recommendation query (great website)

      3, excellent web design

      a page plus advertising, want to know the user experience? Users will immediately shut down your site, no longer look back. Ha ha

      conclusion website type PR  layout planning is the condition of making money


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