Grassroots developers readme WeChat can only be Tencent’s food

that it can not do it, who knows when Tencent look at this business." Talking about Tencent national team, Shenzhen, a developer of laughter helpless. The topic from a Tucao shortly before the pass pocket founder white crow. As Tencent electricity providers have begun to do and pocket a similar thing, but also has the interface does not have access to the right pocket, he was not very comfortable. "Tencent that allow other developers to do?!" the white crow thought.

many developers are now caught in confusion, in the face of Tencent’s own business and the Department of Tencent’s investment business on the full occupation of WeChat, grassroots developers are increasingly away from WeChat. I talked with several WeChat industry chain practitioners talked about WeChat’s views.

The paradox of

under the rule of fog

rules opaque, so Tencent national team has become the developer’s biggest worry. In order to Tencent and communicate more emboldened, enhanced and official negotiations, some third party development company in Shenzhen, and even set up a micro industry alliance. As one of the promoters, Jia Huiming (a pseudonym) said, both helpless and hate, do not know when they come in, full of insecurity." Jia Huiming, vice president of a third party development company, last year, his company began to do the development of WeChat platform, mainly to do the background products. Although there is no impact on the national team, Tencent, but he still felt a lot of uncertainty.

WeChat is very strong, and it seems very conservative, almost never actively communicate with developers." Jia Huiming said that now there are 8 companies in the league, in addition to WeChat and other platforms outside the PK, we will often be together to exchange experience. Behind the conservative is the fuzzy rules. The sponsor, he and WeChat’s market, commercial and technical departments have to communicate, but no department can give clear standards and rules, even if the communication with WeChat executives it is hard to find the exact statement. Another anonymity developer said, and WeChat communication is more dependent on the network, and which departments are more familiar with the Department through which resources.

Under the rule of

fuzzy, WeChat some contradictory practice even more developers do not understand. WeChat product director has repeatedly made WeChat is not a marketing tool, depending on the public account for the practice of marketing channels in WeChat does not apply, the position. But last year, WeChat has invested in WeChat marketing service provider". This has angered many developers, developers of the "most handsome carry handle" is directed at WeChat around the "three sins": the launch of a key concern function, induced attention and build up a marketing platform. He believes that WeChat’s extensive use of these third official ban on the development of the function, but not punished.

WeChat rules in this area is not very clear, relatively speaking Taobao play more mature, micro-blog’s openness is relatively strong." The anonymous developers think, WeChat to third party developers is a black box, third party hard for WeChat to import users and traffic, but Teng >

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