Site navigation station money must think about the four major issues

site navigation station is very profitable, this concept from a few years ago, a good 123. There are still a lot of people are still willing to do web site navigation station, but from another point of view site navigation station. There are many problems. Do Wangzhuan not everyone can do, want to do the site navigation station, you must think out a few questions. You want to know, you can do it.

1, your site to see who

web site is the first popular Internet access to those who do not contact the Internet with the new. At that time, the classification of small, less content, there are several large web site enough. When these people realize the convenience of the site, the rapid development of the station.

is not all people need web site?. Now the search engine instead of the location of the site navigation station. Although the old users will not give up the use of site navigation station, but the new site, in order to get new users, the traditional full classification website has become obsolete.

2, the market has saturated it? How to develop the site navigation station?

domestic do site navigation station more into the hairs, random number, install a browser you can find a lot of N navigation station embedded therein. Such a number, indicating that the market is saturated


if you think so, then why are there so many new sites appear, is it just for their own services to enter, enter Tencent, 360 into.

navigation station has become a tool that is the platform to connect new users and old users. To promote their own tools, by the user word of mouth spread to form a user group. Saturation, just for small sites, the real network businessman, willing to invest, as a strong backing of the funds, the development of long-term users is fundamental.

3, site navigation station how to make money?

why web site can be tens of millions of years, and now to analyze the source of the site under the station. 1. Included URL 2. Advertising alliance 3. The game is divided into three. Every one can enter the ten million. Of course, we can see some form of bonding. Included in the site, take a look at the 28 business network, you can directly see their included quotes, a word of the text ads, January 3.8W, ha ha, a month can be more than 10 million. Advertising alliance, this can flow through the exchange to do, but also can not be overlooked. The game is divided into, through the cooperation with the high profit business, you are also high profit.

4, web site most need?

when a thing matures, he will mutate. Then, the most common trend is characterized by the development of market segmentation. Not all of the target customers are small, are network novice. Take a look at the web site now appear, although a lot of the hands of individuals from the webmaster, but the flow of more, large profits. Some of the things I’ve seen, such as the recruitment of navigation stations, education and training, navigation station,

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