About to bid farewell to the guest give you some advice

to write this article is very miserable, others are desperate to make money, while they played drums retreat, farewell guest website, said it is feel useless, but it is not what he somehow and other sites do not retire, but there is some words to the novice later said that, after all, vigilance is conducive to our webmaster career for a long time.

from 2009 to the present, Amoy website development environment has become increasingly harsh, the new owners want to make money efforts must be a lot more than the owners, not necessarily have to report, but we have to understand now the Amoy development is facing five difficult circumstances.

A competition, as Mr. Lu Songsong said, Baidu included every day "in twenty percent from the guest website promotion commission earned money by visible has been more and more people are familiar with, we want to make in this industry in the ideal of silver, a difficult procedure as can be imagined.

B the number of poor quality is now scouring off site development dilemma, because many owners believe that Tao is just a shopping navigation website, we provide users with only a source of goods, do good for others to do the wedding dress, so we thought is the site is not pure, but only in the flicker, you can click to enter the shop you can, then you can see a lot of guest website is not professional, a single page to promote user experience to meet the eye everywhere, pure nonsense, and this example of flooding that led directly to the overall competitiveness of the website Amoy decreased as the user trust degree reduced.

C station group while it is strictly to Baidu, but also have a lot of friends around to rely on this form of money, I will not say what, especially in the earlier webmaster, do stand group are generally not affected by the gap is too large, and their keyword ranking is we cannot go, unless you very capable.

D large portal adding to it more times more mixed, after all, who wants to earn money, but by virtue of their own strength and inherent brand influence to obtain flow rate and we have nothing to say as can be imagined.

E ultimately is now Baidu, since the 6.28 major update since I feel Baidu is like a madman, who caught the stranger who bite, non own was almost K, and Baidu on the site like Tao also let us development did not emboldened.

I want to want to join now any guest website owners should be familiar with the development environment now, although the website Amoy is a piece of fat meat, but who can not be digested, no ability, no stamina or to do good, and even if you are already adding a period of Amoy owners also have. Need to change the view for some. Just as do the following widespread prejudice Amoy webmaster.

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