Google AdSense launched a new ad to improve the user experience

Google expands AdSense project

Beijing on March 6th news according to foreign media reports, the Internet search giant Google Corporation said on Wednesday, will explain how to use the AdSense project in the advertisement expansion unit to advertisers, and how to locate scalable advertising content, and gradually expand its AdSense project.

Google said that these AdSense can be used as an extension of the expansion of static advertising banner advertising or advertising segment, or can cover a large area of the site below the screen. However, the company stressed that such scalable advertising is different from other types of annoying ads, these can be extended to the ads will not be discussed advertising content or just a simple mouse hovers over the content, users must get more advertising contents by clicking on the ads can.


users may have to experience many of the existing scalable advertising is very annoying, but Google clearly pointed out that more attention to the details of the display of movie trailers, clips, video games or other needs of the picture, use the new AdSense project format for advertisers and users are very valuable. Google also said that if advertisers have already added the AdSense code to the original code of the company’s Web site, they will automatically be eligible to use their extended advertising unit and enable image ads. Google also pointed out that the program is currently only applicable to the specific advertising ad specific U.S. advertisers.

Google reminds its advertisers that they have two options to choose from: pay per click advertising (CPC), or pay per view advertising (CPM). Only when the user clicks into the advertiser’s target page, click on pay (CPC) to expand the advertising section will generate revenue, not just when the user clicks on the expansion of advertising revenue. At the same time, Google has established a FAQ page to provide more relevant information to advertisers. In addition, Google also said that the Google AdSense project on the expansion of advertising does not make its revenue soaring, but because they need to expand the interaction with the user, of course, Google is unlikely to lead to hostility from consumers.

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