My website makes money and looks good

website and blog advertising, is already familiar with the things, and I believe that many have a certain flow of the site can also make money by advertising. But for the people who have just built a new site, never dared to expect to put money through advertising, so people put advertising is to make money, I only have a good look.


, just contact the website alliance, is blind to what a curious, even Google Google ads also apply, but they give reply is a new station less than 6 months, but I did not care, because we really are a new ah, was thinking to flow up then apply for.

was a chance to know the VOGATE macro circles (my people on the Internet before things are not very concerned), but his advertising is not need what conditions, it is the main site of small and medium-sized Fuxing, and went up to explore their own websites and blogs also get ads a few key words in this paper ha, because at that time but also don’t want to advertise, just out of curiosity to see the effect of it, a few days give me pick.

recently stumbled on see advertising with the VOGATE macro field in this paper, just know that properly add keyword advertising for website design plays a certain aesthetic effect, and more new advertising circles in the VOGATE macro in the creation of a FALSH game demo, not what the difference like other websites and FLASH games, and remove the mouse, doesn’t affect the reading effect ". So, I went for the VOGATE macro keyword advertising, simply designed several key words, again put on the ad, feeling okay, did not expect that over time, the VOGATE macro circles should inform I can get the money, I really happy, know is certainly because of the interactive website so bringing traffic increase. Haha, if you are interested, you can go to the VOGATE macro forum to see the effect.

feel now VOGATE macro is in crazy to seize the market, although a bit messy, but the momentum is very large, do not know the Baidu Baidu and alimama Ali mother will take countermeasures on how this madness, anyway, that’s their business, I don’t care.

finally hope that everyone on the site, blog optimization and make money to share with me, thank you.

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