Master station doorway pictures can also make money

image station can quickly obtain the flow is the majority of owners agree, but let us picture stand to make money by confused, often for entertainment especially picture station because the flow rate to the fast, so the advertisement price is not high, usually with "my sister" about 20 thousand IP picture stand, wandering the top monthly advertising also about 900, according to the website quality may be slightly low or high. But isn’t 20 thousand IP really just a few thousand dollars?

wrong wrong wrong, if you want to have different with other webmaster channels to obtain a higher income, in addition to search for the monthly advertiser, click advertisement alliance is also very important, I found a very good reputation of the advertising alliance called Lele advertising alliance, first caught my eye is 80 /1000IP yuan, the high quality website and CPM (according to the number that pay) advertising options, and monthly advertising attracted me various forms of propaganda. Of course, "my sister" is now their monthly customers, so how to make money in the web experience to recommend them.

CPM advertising is actually the most suitable for the station to put pictures, because the amount of PV users to access the image station is particularly large, then virtually increase your income. If your day IP and I like in 2WIP or so, then click on the high price of advertising can earn at least 80 yuan a day, if you can earn about CPM per month through 40-60, and CPM without user clicks, display on the payment. And it is not the first video of the kind of dynamic, just picture it, does not affect the user’s access experience.

union buckle quantity has supposedly been a norm, but in this norm in talent shows itself "Lele advertising alliance" because it is for their own operation "lalaport" form, and no other third party advertisers, so they do not have any deduction amount of motivation. The last time I ditch webmaster and middle portal "I see" by, he also used the term monthly customer Lele advertising alliance, it seems there is no doubt the credibility.

regardless of any website, especially the image station needs to consume high bandwidth, high cost. Therefore, it is difficult to survive without the support of advertising funds, my sister will continue to support the Lele advertising alliance to become a long-term partner.

is willing to all grassroots picture station owners, can make big money. Earn thousands of dollars. This article Adsense original, unique hair admin5.

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