FreePriceAlerts shopping rebate plug in for 4 million

FreePriceAlerts is a browser plug-in, in fact, more than the site of the online shopping parity plug-in. But you can not look down on this plug-in, people even browser plug-ins, today announced a high-profile B round of financing, the amount of $2 million 500 thousand financing. So far, the company has received $4 million in investment.


function is very simple, is that when you are shopping on the Internet, such as Amazon, when you mouse to "buy" button when in this position, it will automatically tell you whether don’t shop to provide more preferential price. FreePriceAlerts has now achieved support for most mainstream browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. There are a lot of support sites, including Amazon, WAL-MART, Target, etc..

according to a spokesman for the company said, the number of FreePriceAlerts per month to prompt the user has more than 1 million times, what does it mean? The spokesman said, this is equivalent to a total of FreePriceAlerts, every day for the user to save about $250 thousand.

now FreePriceAlerts features are:

1 price reminder: after setting the reminder price, when the price of the goods comply with the requirements of automatic reminder.

2 wish list: you can create a wish list, and share with friends.

3 price trend: you can view the most recent price.

In fact, the

has a similar plug-in. And I think it’s better than FreePriceAlerts. For example, Amoy Amoy and shopping assistant. Wishful Amoy, formerly known as shopping assistant, is also a browser plug-in, the browser plug-in launched in the second half of 2010, and later in 2011 was acquired by Taobao, changed its name to wishful amoy".


browser plug-in almost all functions, take a shopping assistant, for example, a shopping assistant is the NetEase launched a browser parity tool will automatically appear in your browser below when you browse shopping sites, and display the key information, such as low price etc.. Shopping help features include:

1 price trend function: when you view the goods in the commodity page, there is a way to show the trend of shopping assistant goods prices. This function is very good, not only can see what is the lowest price, but also can be used to identify the profiteers. Next time, if you have a business to engage in promotions, you will have the opportunity to look at the price of assistant function to see its recent price, you will be able to identify whether the first price and then discount the business, to deceive customers.

2 Taobao with the same paragraph of clothing: when browsing Taobao clothing page, there is a shopping assistant will automatically find the same paragraph for you in Taobao and similar goods. Sister essential ah, >

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