Driven by the giant independent mobile entrepreneurs to read the life and death


, according to friends, there is a bit of a well-known mobile Internet venture capital strand breaks, hair can not pay, because the target is not expected to achieve, VC do not want to invest money. There is no profit model, no income, relying on VC to invest money to feed, this way of life must be fragile.

a few years ago, just when the rise of mobile Internet, two-dimensional code, LBS, mobile social networking is the three field of entrepreneurship, the head of the result? With the traditional Internet giant to join, independent entrepreneurs are not better than it, many are almost OVER.

I feel the next step following areas will be independent of mobile reading startups. The reason is similar to the above, the traditional Internet giant to join the rapid control of the user, the channel and the advantages of the brand, to leave the space to read the independent mobile APP limited. More importantly, the giants have relatively stable revenue sources, energy sources continue to provide financial support for the new mobile business, the possibility of weaning is relatively small.

some time ago, China and the United States and the two major business mentor Li Kaifu dialogue and exchange, have pointed out that the project should not coincide with large companies and enterprises should not only focus on products, business model is more important. And now in the field of mobile reading is not to avoid the problem, but not in the climate, the big companies on the initiative to paste up, was coincident. The profit model it may feel that there are a large number of users, there will be a profit model, at least can do advertising.

was driven by giant mobile reading


is now independent reading products (mainly APP), can be roughly divided into three categories: one is the mobile reading class APP, such as multi view; two is the information platform of APP, such as tie off, fruit network; three is an information aggregation APP, such as today’s headlines.

mobile reading class APP, begins with a powerful royal literature, the three major telecom company’s mobile reading base, Amazon and other giants after pressing, and joined the Jingdong, Dangdang, pay for profit model already exists, the Red Sea has long been a look can toss out a! How much space? From the operation strategy now, look at the similar watercress digital publishing platform direction, but also facing strong competitive pressures of this company.

whether it is called media platform, or digital publishing platform, in essence, is to provide a direct connection to the reader and content producers channels. Not only mobile reading class APP, information platform class APP who want to profit through this model. As early as last November, fruit network released from the operating platform, said the contents of the operation and management of the right to return the contents of copyright, is actually the media platform. In March this year, the tie off CEO Leeson and said in April will be pushed off media platform".

WeChat launched the public platform, did not spend much effort on the draw >

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