90 entrepreneurs hit how do not lose the nternet venture project

I do not know since when, 90 entrepreneurs have become the mainstream of the Internet business, all kinds of 90 entrepreneurs suddenly appeared in front of people, these 90 micro business success, grass root counter attack has become the numerous micro entrepreneurs taking example, their success will inspire those business people, let more entrepreneurs believe that military and political leaders. Rather a kind of peace, let more and more entrepreneurs flocked to the Internet business.


because most entrepreneurs no understanding of company operation, leading to general entrepreneurial companies survive less than a year, half of 90 entrepreneurs in the business on the road up, the other half let entrepreneurs start on the road in the struggle, although the idea of changing the world is beautiful, but not everyone can become entrepreneurs a ma, now some 90 entrepreneurs, nothing to what would dare to single-handed into the Internet business, to some extent, this kind of dream to lead, fearless courage is admirable, but these 90 entrepreneurs approach is really make people beg to differ.

entrepreneurial success is out of the hard work, entrepreneurial success requires entrepreneurs in addition to intelligent mind and a keen eye, more important is to seize the opportunity to succeed sometimes just need an opportunity, a ready, you are not ready to do to start a business, believe they can change the world, the entrepreneurial success, is tantamount to tell some fantastic tales.

difficulties and failure is inevitable existence, and everyone must face the things that every entrepreneur may Hu because of his wrong decision, causes the enterprise to face danger, the entrepreneurial world not everyone can enter, no courage to face setbacks, it is difficult in the fierce business who survive, entrepreneurship it is a challenge to the entrepreneurs themselves, an impulse does not need heat of the entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is in need of more calm, resource integration ability as entrepreneurs must have, even if these do not understand, is not a good entrepreneur, many people think that work life is not in business when working, just like to talk about a lifetime of love without marriage, although the marriage is the tomb of love, entrepreneurship is heaven and hell, if not to start on the road, You can only go to hell.

90 entrepreneurs raging struck, many people are wondering, now what good entrepreneurial projects? Lead recently more and more people came to consult me this problem, but after chatting with them, I found that these people are want to business success, but not necessarily to succeed, because some people who want to succeed get a big push to find an excuse for their own reasons, to succeed is not to spend what time to find an excuse for their own, the only thing they do is act, 90% of people want to start, want to change the present situation, but the first thing he asked me: "what good?"

I asked him, "do you have a good project?" they don’t say anything. They have to be prepared to do whatever they want

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