t’s time to redefine entrepreneurship not to break even

Abstract: as long as an enterprise can create products and services that are beneficial to the society, and it can keep running, it is not a failure.


T3 released the hammer on the eve of Luo Yonghao, people have focused on the serial entrepreneur who, in some people especially the black hammer, Luo Yonghao is a successful entrepreneur: Hammer loss is very serious, and the hammer mobile phone did not sell on the amount of "over many Niubi, but not a good mobile phone".

The "double

" concept has become a popular government endorsement, but what is what is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success, people have different cognition.

what about business? There are many answers to this online, the answer can be too theoretical to Baidu, entrepreneurship is a person or a group of people in my opinion (more is a person with a group of people) to do one thing for the business objectives.

business two words apart, one is the creation of "innovation", means that the process to 1 from 0, two rich generation to take over the family business from his dad is not a business, must be created, a product, a model, a kind of service, a store; there is a "industry" the process of doing things must be entrepreneurial career, but also can is on the sideline. Although All In is the norm of entrepreneurship, but there are also part-time entrepreneurs say, remember that this is called "weekend venture" book, teach people how to use their spare time to start a business. There are some people in the start-up companies to hang a consultant and the like, this behavior, like investors, can not be considered entrepreneurial, because they do not have the corresponding things as their cause. Join a start-up company, whether or not the stock option, can work as a career, it seems to be entrepreneurial.


, a pioneering ancient word. The "new book of Tang · fangxuanling biography", the Emperor (Tang Taizong Li Shimin) said: "I set the world from the mysterious age, take hundreds of dead, in life, see entrepreneurship difficult. I fear the syndrome and the world, and the proud, arrogant, lazy, lazy is dead, is not easy to see in." The ancient emperor, still the world, to create a foundation, is a kind of entrepreneurship; "big family", white with black seven seventh jing-cheer glue Zhuang in Shandong to purchase 28 Secretary Fang Zhuang glue glue is a kind of creation, entrepreneurship; under the tide on the century 90 not what the modern off to today’s start-ups different.

I think of a joke:

today is known as the world’s most entrepreneurial team and the company’s birthday. In 1921, the team set up a company in a ship, no office, no business license, no formal staff. Marx’s business plan, to get the angel investment in the former Soviet union. After several bankruptcy crisis, and finally elected genius CEO in Zunyi, in one fell swoop mergers and acquisitions of Western and domestic strong rival assets, announced on October 1, 1949 in Beijing. After several reforms and restructuring, the current market value

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