Chasing beauty industry a beautician beauty salon owner of the course to butterfly

Chase: a beautician beauty salon owner to the transformation process of

now has a 90 is too aggressive, although has been labeled a bad label, but a kind of 90 and not because the parents favor, and give up the dream, has been growing under the protection of their parents, today, snow white also ushered in a 92 year female entrepreneurs – the sun after the young lady, she has more than once to the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship alone, graduation, in her sister’s advice, Ms. sun chose the beauty industry, since it is such a do love the beauty of this industry, for the beauty industry, she said he was very confident, but also think they can create your own career in the beauty industry, although this way, inevitably there are thorns, but Ms. sun never give up. In the beauty industry, there is laughter, competition and experience, there is injustice, but look to yourself right now, before the beauty industry in the aftertaste every day is so beautiful


leave the hometown, fight alone

Ms. sun after graduation, did not live under the protection of their parents, but chose alone a person to go to the strange Zhejiang, "came to the strange city, I did not feel lonely, when there are some small excited, probably was small, it can be hard to leave home alone on the outside and can realize their value, to be able to do the things they want to do, of course, fought all the way down, is not easy, because the age is relatively small, the experience is not enough, it was a school beauty salon owner sent to Beijing to learn the beauty of knowledge, such a stay is half a year, every day I have to seriously study a variety of cosmetic practices, graduated from the school of Cosmetology, returned to the salons of Zhejiang to continue to exercise their own hands, do it for 2 years. Now think about the 17 year old I can insist on really is not easy, and now I also believe that I was right". Interest in the cause of the transformation process, interest is the first step towards success!

mature, return home to seek development

"with the experience of more, listen more, speak more, think more, slowly find that people will finally be born in the development, in the field of human relations in Guangzhou cannot be brought back, so I resigned from the beauty salon in 2012 returned to his so Xiang, back home, I did not give up the beauty industry, I follow, done in the shop, beauty shop beauty guide guide, because at this stage I of the beauty industry has been very understanding, whether it is beauty or knowledge management knowledge, I have knowledge of shop experience. People always want to go up at the beginning of the year, so I had to open a beauty salon idea, but the family has not been quite agree with my own beauty salon opened, think I’m too young, I spent half the time to convince my family support my beauty salon." Age is not a problem, the talent wealth of daring Ganpin easy to seize opportunities


and snow white, hand in hand, create brilliant tomorrow


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