Shen Napeng rely on financing to burn live Entrepreneurs without technical barriers will die sooner

Abstract: in the past few years, with the rise of the mobile Internet, the barriers to entrepreneurship greatly decreased, everyone can build a APP. From the perspective of the world, innovation and entrepreneurship should be not only confined to the domestic market demand for more innovation in technology is a breakthrough.

smart and hard, should be the industry’s consistent view of Mr. Shen Napeng. Tencent has done a lot of investment in recent years to see a lot of projects, the basic will find each of Shen Napeng’s team as early as 1~2 years ago has entered." Mr. Ma Huateng said not long ago in public.

Mr. Shen Napeng gave the impression is also a comprehensive rational polyhedra, such as Shen Napeng, he was concerned about the data, make accurate judgments; proficient in financial, emotional as well as Shen Napeng, he as much as possible and entrepreneur contact, carefully observe each entrepreneurial team in character, relying on intuition to make investment decisions.

, a "hard to believe" indicator, was called "the most fascinating place in the venture capital industry" by Shen Napeng. Put this conjecture with his successful entrepreneurial experience has a close relationship, and this magical intuition, in his now venture how his personal experience? What are the implications for us? With curiosity, shots will do this article, let us next together with questions, looking for answers in this paper.


core competence

many of our founders do not have business experience, do Ctrip is holding the passion for the Internet, and later found that regardless of the Internet business or other, in the final analysis is a business. Business doorways and know-how. Like a child to do math problems, should be from the simplest to start.

first year Ctrip to concentrate through booking link in the hotel, this is the initial version of ctrip. The booking, reservation is more simple and direct as the starting point. This simple job to help people booking, perhaps many returnees would not bother. But do not forget, you are in China, to serve the Chinese people.

later made the reservation room service, Ctrip also did not expect to be rewarded immediately. But it ensures that Ctrip’s hotel business in the tourist season can still easily, this is a kind of long-term competitiveness.

did Ctrip three years later, the idea of creating an economic chain hotel has gradually formed. When the economy is taking off, the opportunity of the hotel industry is endless. Home from the first day of creation, is ready to go on the market. At that time, a rigorous market research, the hotel model, market demand, price and so on have a clear understanding.

for example, when the occupancy rate of 90% of JinJiang Inn. If there is no star hotel lobby, catering, but with the help of the surrounding mature community service. And the hotel management idea is completely opposite.

home model is first convenient, followed by cost. Location of Home Inn

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