‘m coming Liu Dan do not want to let O2O entrepreneurs died in Logistics


2015, various versions of the "O2O" death list circulated on the Internet, with the prospect of O2O, behind the crazy burn down, is a large number of O2O company. Although there are many reasons, but the logistics is to overwhelm their last straw: self logistics, slow speed, high cost, poor customer experience; for the third party logistics, professional and efficient company limited, is the most lethal, business will not be robbed? In the hesitation, at the expense of the customer experience and the speed of development finally, let too many O2O companies, electricity supplier companies fell on the road of entrepreneurship.

I do not want to let more O2O entrepreneurs died in the logistics, as a woman into the logistics industry’s original intention, I’m going to President Liu Dan said. "I get" is the use of Crowdsourcing mode, solve the local electricity supplier within 3 km of the city logistics distribution of Internet companies, the goal is to solve the distribution problem of short distance and high efficiency, help the rapid development of the electricity supplier, O2O company, focus on their core competitiveness.

four do not

by E-Drive led investment "I get" was founded in March 2, 2015, is committed to become a professional Internet Porter, a great Internet logistics company. At present, although a large number of domestic and small logistics companies, and even BAT to participate in and invest in a lot of logistics companies, I’m going to have what is not the same as Liu Dan introduced, I’m coming, there are four do not do.

a, only couriers, and resolutely do not operate the transaction, do not touch the goods. At present, a lot of third party logistics company initially do logistics, doing it, on the basis of customer data involved in the O2O or electricity supplier, equal to pry the original employer’s corner. Many electricity providers and O2O companies do not dare to the third party logistics company, which is a deep consideration.

two, only the service class B businesses and platforms, determined not to do personal user service. This is a business judgment and positioning. At present, many logistics companies do personal business. It is hard to judge who is good and who is inferior. But want to take may have some difficulties and problems.

three, the data is strictly confidential, does not provide any data to the third party. At present, because of confidentiality or poor management, resulting in a handful of data leakage.

four, do not accept the control of investment in the industry or party a party a company. Unswervingly adhere to the third party.

is not difficult to find, although it is a start-up company, I’m coming, but has its own clear positioning, principles. As some Montana said: sometimes, what do choose, in fact more difficult.

in the four do not do, is "I’m coming" differentiated positioning and business model.

Internet speed

Although only a few months after the establishment of

, but I’m going to speed up the development of people can not afford to ignore:

is growing rapidly, with universal business growth

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