n depth analysis the latest 10 principles construction site outside the chain

knows these, then, we analyze what is the high quality of the chain, also called import links, Ziv summary of good quality are the following criteria:

After understanding the

6, import links, home page, inside pages can be linked to their own website, can buy others within the page.


1, link page’s

home page, we want to make clear link analysis, how to analyze the link? Factors to consider are these: correlation, PR, anchor text content, page title, anchor text content, website link time, what time added, removed, there is no middle and user related factors, page ranking etc..

2, the source can be widely, have high quality sites also have low quality website.

9, can be appropriate to derive some high quality links.

7, the anchor text is widely distributed, the home should not exceed 30% – 40%, which is the import link to the home page of not more than 40%, the number of links to write brand word, rather than the flow of words.

industry is not quite the same. Looks like a little bit counter and related content, but it is such a different industry links, in order to show the natural link.


5, the weight of the domain name itself is very important.

link analysis and link quality standard, then how do we build the chain effectively? This blogger to sort out the chain construction site 10 principles.

3, relevant content, anchor text and web page contents of your links are related.

10, 99% chain is invalid, the chain is only 1% effective.

1, website content. As to the inbound links to your content, this is not to say.

finally, the chain construction principle know, then we.

4, IP address can not be limited to a IP, over the same IP link number, station group.

in Shanghai Longfeng work, construction site outside the chain is a major project, especially some small business station, site outside the chain more. But this small site to the construction of the chain, it is difficult to, how to build the chain? How can effective natural links? Followed by Ziv blogger 11 analysis.

4, the location of the link, the link is the best.

3, the website weight. And this second days a little similar, but there are still differences, high quality site is weight website, but the website weight good site does not necessarily mean high quality website.

8, continued construction of the chain, the chain construction is a continuous work.

How about

2, import link is the best way.

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